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23/04/2021 - World Laboratory Day / Leslie Bretherick Memorial Lecture

Posted By Lisa Stevens  
17:00 PM

23/04/2021  - Each year, on this day we celebrate World Laboratory Day.  To  honour the unique workspaces that provide controlled conditions and enable scientific research, experiments, and measurement. In many ways there are many similarities between laboratories of yesteryear and the modern work spaces we now working. However laboratory safety is still a key to preventing laboratory accidents. The role of AS/NZS 2243 Safety in laboratories is just as important now as it every was.  The RACI Health, Safety and Environment Division celebrate this day through the Leslie Bretherick Memorial Lecture. Internationally Leslie Bretherick is recognized authority on laboratory safetyā€¯ especially remembered for writing the book which became Bretherick's Handbook of Reactive Chemical Hazards. Thus it is fitting that W. V. Peter Hunt (chemical engineer and dangerous goods expert) is presenting the Leslie Bretherick Memorial Lecture.