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Over the last 20 years, DR NEALE JACKSON has been providing laboratory safety training for secondary school laboratory technicians and science teachers via RMIT's one-day Safety in Secondary School laboratories. He has been recognised as a leader in this field. To help support school laboratory technician, Lisa J Stevens and Associates have developed a number of resources to help laboratory technicians.

While 2020 has reduced our ability to run face to face courses, we are planning a number of training courses for 2021 as well as once again having a presence at LABCON 2021. 

OHS in Schools - A Practical Guide for School Leaders  June 2017 Worksafe Victoria (FREE DOWNLOAD)
Pro Visual Laboratory  Guide to Workplace Safety 2020/21 Poster (FREE DOWNLOAD) Please contact us for a free hard copy 
Pro Visual Laboratory  Guide to Workplace Safety 2021 Poster (FREE DOWNLOAD) Please contact us for a free hard copy
Safety Guides - COMING SOON) The following safety guides are for information only and do not take the place of specific OHS Advice or a site based Risk Assessment.

Ergonomics - Laboratory


Ergonomics - Office 


Flammable Liquid Cabinets


Fitting Disposal P2 Face Masks 


Glove Removal Technique


Laboratory Footwear


Laboratory Protective Equipment


Safe Storage of Chemicals 


Safe Laboratory Conduct 




Laboratory Safety Signage


How to read a Safety Data Sheet


Segregation Separation of Chemicals


Labelling of Chemicals – GHS 7