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11th-13th November  2019 - Australasian Laboratory Management Conference 2019  - Change Management in an Agile World

Rosehill Gardens   Sydney, Australia

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25th-26th  Nov 2019 Contaminated & Hazardous Waste 2019 Melbourne, Australia
Implementing waste management strategies through streamlined practices and enhanced employee engagement to achieve cost effective and lean waste management systems

  • Looking into Australia’s Capacity to Treat Hazardous Waste: Are We Approaching the Limit?
  • Extracting from the Victorian Government’s New Online Waste Tracking System and Accompanying Legislation
  • Strengthening Environmental Responsibility through Waste Management Continuous Improvement (CI) Strategies and Audits
  • Delving into the PFAS Problem: A Global Take on Risks and Responses
  • Implementing Efficient Storage Management Strategies and Appropriate Packaging of Hazardous Waste to Meet WHS and Logistics Requirements

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27th -28th  Nov 2019 Laboratory Risk Management and Design Melbourne, Australia
Keeping pace with changes in technology and eliminating risks to the efficacy of existing workflows, spaces and ancillary processes

  • Implementing risk management practices through practical examples
  • Developing your risk management skills and toolkit 
  • Developing an understanding of laboratory design principles and how to practically implement them in your laboratory
  • Implementing technology and automation into laboratory practices to enhance efficiency

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27th - 29th November 2019 -  LABCON 2019

Melbourne Graduate School of Education, University of Melbourne

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Venue: Melbourne Marriott Hotel, Australia

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 13/06/2019 -  Boy's face severely burned in 'Black Fire Snake' experiment at school  In the USA a school, a number of students were with  their teacher trying to recreate the so-called "black fire snake" experiment which uses a combination of rubbing alcohol, sand, and baking soda to create a "black snake" or "glow worm," once lit on fire. But this experiment went badly with 1 student receiving burns to the face.  I this is not the first time that students have been injured from this experiment. In March 2019 a QLD student was also injured as a result of this experiment going badly.  form more information CLICK HERE

18/06/2019 – Parliamentary Inquiry into Recycling and Waste Management  Currently the Victorian Government is conducting an inquiry into recycling and waste management, and while submission are now closed, more information regarding the hearings which will be resuming next week can be found CLICK HERE

14/06/2019 - Dangerous Goods Amendment (Penalty Reform) Bill 2019.The Victorian Government are set to introduce tough penalties for those who illegally dump and store dangerous goods - Operators could be jailed for up to 10 years for the manufacture, storage, transport, transfer, sale or use of dangerous goods that place a person in danger of death, while Companies that engage in reckless conduct that put people at risk of death will face fines of up to $6.4 million.CLICK HERE

1/06/2019 – Glyphosate – In view of the recent US Court Case against Monsanto regarding the health effects of Glyphosate, the Australian community is also divided in respect of whether to use or not to use products such as Roundup which contain Glyphosate.  On the 3/6/2019 A Victoria gardener has lodged a claim against Monsanto in Supreme Court Victoria over health effects of Glyphosate.  While both the scientist and the courts argue the ongoing health effects of Glyphosate it should be remembered that chemicals should be treated with respect, and that users follow the manufacturers recommendations regarding the use of protective clothing and equipment.

19/12/2018  WorkSafe Victoria Prosecutions Summary  - A South Gippsland woman has become the first person in Victoria to be sentenced to jail under Worksafe Victoria duty laws for recklessly endangering a worker. The accused was transferring scrap metal from inside a 1.8 metre metal bin into a larger 6 metre metal bin. The deceased was positioned inside the smaller bin which had been raised to approximately 3 metres from ground level by the accused operating the forklift. For more details CLICK HERE

8/2/2019 Chemical Stockpiling  - Update  Since the Footscray West chemical fire several more warehouses/premises have now been identified as containing over 1 Million litres of chemicals including the industrial solvent methyl ethyl ketone (MEK), automotive and house paints, aerosols and LPG cylinders. The Victorian Government are now considering multi-million-dollar fines and prison sentences of up to five years,  in a bid to crack down on the illicit stockpiling of dangerous chemicals. It has now been reported that the arduous and painstaking  task of removing and disposal of the stockpile has commenced

PFAS and what are the alternatives?  For those of you who are following the  PFAS debate  following article provides and interesting overview of some of the issuesAt what cost for fire safety?

Recent Laboratory Incidents 

18/1/2019 - Claude Bernard University, Lyon - Fire on  the roof terrace when the building, which hosts the university’s science library, was undergoing construction work. The blasts came from three gas tanks which exploded as the fire began to spread. 

26/12/2018 - Beijing Jiaotong University - There was an explosion at the experimental site during a scientific research experiment" on wastewater treatment in the Environmental Engineering Laboratory. According to some reports the laboratory contained large stockpiles of chemicals including 30 barrels of magnesium powders,  plus large amounts sodium phosphate and various catalysts. The students were apparently carrying out the landfill leachate treatment test at the time.